Margate Alive
200 years of Leisure & Entertainment by the sea:

An intergenerational, heritage research project inspired by 200 years of Margate's leisure and entertainment history. It explores the relationship between our ephemeral cultural history and the historic built environment
showing how the love of music, dance and performance have shaped our town.

In collaboration with Dreamland Trust and Margate Pride.


Find out more about the heritage we uncovered via:

In Search of Xanadu Zine by Bob Chicalors

- The Xanadu Legacy Event
Round in Circles presented an aftrnoon of social dancing, films, performances & informative talks sharing our research into 200 years of dance in Margate's Ballrooms and Nightclubs.

June Pratt
Dorothy Hale
Alan Hatton
Deborah Ellis
Hilary Nicholls
Janet Sackett
Ian Dickie
Jason Turner
Shannon Ferguson
John Cripps
Age UK participants

With thanks to:
Karen Brayshaw at the University of Kent’s Templeman Library Special Collections
Liam O’Driscoll & the Canterbury Cathedral Archives & Library
Margate Museum
Nick Dermott

All the staff at Margate Library


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