Brutal Echo is a live performance and a dance for camera piece that will be made in collaboration with young people in Cliftonville this Autumn.


Brutal Echo is a small scale dance performance and a scaled down, ‘sister’ show to Tempered Rhythm, it can tour to similar Brutalist architectural sites and be adapted.

Two dancers explore percussion and Tango set against the lines and pillars of concrete Brutalism. The performance explores ‘now’ and connection between us and our environment playing with echo and the linear aesthetic. Minimal and visceral.

Leon Williams leads socially-distanced audiences in 'Pattin Juba', a body percussion evolved under slavery in the Americas. Learn some Pattin Juba, the story behind the dance, and its link to the African rhythms which influenced Tango.

Commissioned for Back and Fill Margate by Dan Thompson Studios in October 2020, funded by Arts Council England.