Round in Circles Productions CIC is a touring dance and theatre company that creates socially-engaged programmes of events and performances. R!C makes transformative participatory performance and film work which tours across the UK. The company mission is to mobilise local communities and encourage connections through arts and culture. R!C is a crucial community animator in Kent creating innovative projects in public space at the heart of Margate’s cultural regeneration.

Round in Circles' main focus is producing creative, vibrant and joyful site-responsive film and performance as well as social dance events. We work with a broad spectrum of dance styles and bring them together in unusual, unseen places. A huge element of what we do engages actively with participants and audiences in meaningful ways.



Anna Symes
Artistic Director
Margate, Kent

Anna Symes is a multi-disciplinary artist and performer from a visual arts background, making dance, theatre and dance-for-camera exploring public space, architecture and heritage. Her work integrates dance fusion and social dance, set in brutalist or utopic spaces to create visionary performance which transforms our relationship to beauty, place and the built environment.
She studied Theatre & Dance with Visual Art, at University of Brighton and was co-director of Ragroof Theatre (2003 – 2013), associate artist with The Ragroof Players (2013 - 2018) as a performer and creative producer of Bridges y Puentes and Happy Feet.

M: 07974 970072
T: 01843 297097
E: anna@roundincircles.org.uk


Simon Foxall
Creative Producer 
Asti, Italy
Fine artist & filmmaker Simon Foxall harnesses messy, spontaneous moments of creativity to playfully parody patriarchal assumptions on femininity, sexuality and the gendered gaze. 
Simon trained in Fine Art Painting at University of Brighton (2003-06, BA Hons), and 
Royal College of Art, London (2010 - 2012, MA).
Simon's film work explores Nietzschean ideas that draw on feminist/queer readings of sci-fi as a triumph of the feminine-coded natural/supernatural over masculine-coded culture/tech.

His paintings operate as a kind of montage, a means to develop parasitic languages; ones which depend not on being 'first', but on retaining a ghost of pre-existing context and currency. They rely on appropriating, playing with the mechanics of meaning and myth-making, significance and hierarchy, asking questions of the parameters of history, sincerity, taste, reality, individuality and queerness

E: simon@roundincircles.org.uk

Molly Molloy
Strategic Producer

Molly Molloy is a creative producer, project manager and curator with a passion for community and collaborative projects. Molly sees her work as enabling people’s creativity, challenging concepts as to who is an artist, what the arts are and who can access it. She seeks to create an open and collaborative practice where a wider body people have access to creative opportunities, and to have their work seen and valued - gaining creative and transformative experiences. After a varied freelance career programming for festivals, playing in Salsa bands and working within the mental health and youth justice sector, she is currently based at Turner Contemporary as Learning and Audience Engagement Manager. 

E: molly@roundincircles.org.uk


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